Our main goal is to produce a high-level product that can meet best costumers’ expectations and needs. To do so we only use first-grade materials that are able to meet these requirements of excellence.
All our raw materials come from certified suppliers and, after appropriate tests, our quality department guarantee the absolute parameter of the product. These rigid controls allow us to create products that are suitable to the requests of our most demanding customers.
For the production we use different types of paper like white kraft, avana kraft, medium, test, flooting, that are ideal to be used used for foods contact with the safety of a hygienical product. The alimentary paper bobbins that we use come from the best Italian paper mills and from North Europe. All the imported materials has a certificate of analysis that ensure their safety in food contact.
Furthermore, we ourselves make specific and accurate analysis in our laboratory to ensure that the material that will be used corresponds to the highest quality standards. This process is also applied to all the other bobbins used by us in the production process.
As for the corrugated paper bobbins, there is an identification number of any batch that allows us to track the raw materials used, their date of creation and to the machine operators who have worked on it.
The carton used for the production of the boxes, before being used, is exposed to specific controls that can ensure their quality and that specify the weight of the paper that has been used in the realization of the finished product. All our carton boxes are printed with the RESI mark which identify their origins.

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